COST Action CA17132 - APPLY
European Network for Argumentation and Public Policy Analysis

COST Action      Horizon 2020

CA17132 Publications

WG1 Report on existing datasets

The present report is a state-of-the-art discussion of existing datasets on argumentative discourse and policy making available within APPLY at an initial stage of the project; the collection of datasets upon which this report
is based has been launched in December 2018 and updated several times until April 2019.

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WG2 Position Paper: Goals and functions of public argumentation

Drawing on a variety of disciplines, the paper introduces basic distinctions and charts out options. It is meant to guide reflection on the conceptual basis for the Action’s subsequent research regarding the analysis, evaluation, and design of public argumentation.

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WG3 Report: Basic resources and methods for designing public argumentation

This report reflects in its structure the basic rationale of WG3 approach: it starts by listing some key challenges and prospects for argumentation in public debate, to set the background against which resources and methods for designing public argumentation need to be tested; the rest of the report provides brief but comprehensive reviews of the three key elements required to tackle such challenges – a critical understanding on the notion of “stakeholders”, in-depth mastery of the most promising technologies aimed at supporting public argumentation, with an emphasis on open issues and critical vulnerabilities, and a design perspective on argumentation. The last section summarizes the main findings of this preliminary survey.

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