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    Short description of COST Action CA17132 Work Groups

    WG1: Empirical Study of Public Argumentation
    The primary objective of WG1 is argumentative analysis of EU documents and procedures, the media, and citizens’ discourse. This group includes linguists, discourse analysts, communication scholars, social psychologists, political scholars and other social scientists who contribute to a corpus based on data collected in past and ongoing individual research projects. The corpus includes structured face-to-face interviews, online and social media discussions, EU-documents and procedural guidelines, media reports, and citizens’ discourse.
    WG2: Norms of Public Argument: Concepts and Methods
    The primary objective is a normative investigation of concepts and methods to measure the quality of arguments in public policies. Public arguments, as they are understood in WG2, are arguments that concern items of national or international policy or law making, and agents communicate such arguments in the public sphere. This WG involves philosophers, legal and political theorists, as well as linguists and other scholars who investigate public arguments from a variety of theoretical viewpoints.
    WG3: Designing Public Argumentation and Policymaking
    The primary objective of WG3 is the development of prescriptive tools for participants in public controversies to engage in well-informed and well-considered discussions. To this end, the group engages communication scholars, computer scientists, as well as public policy professionals and other stakeholders interested in improving the quality of public argumentation.
  • Although more than one Work Group can be selected, it is recommended that each member actively participates only in one Work Group.
  • By filling and submitting this form you express your interest to participate in COST Action CA17132.



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COST Action CA17132

Providing and criticising reasons is indispensable to achieve sound public policy that commands the support of both citizens and stakeholders. This need is now widely acknowledged in the recent literature and key EU documents, which highlight the perils of populist discourse and policies.

Action Contacts

Andreia Domingues - Grant Manager [CA 17132]
NOVA - FCSH | Avenida de Berna, 26 C
1069-061 Lisboa - Portugal

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