COST Action CA17132 - APPLY
European Network for Argumentation and Public Policy Analysis

COST Action      Horizon 2020

Core Group meeting in Wroclaw


University of Wrocław
Faculty of Law, Administration & Economics
ul. (street) Uniwersytecka 22
50-145 Wrocław

Organised by: Paweł Jabłoński & Maciej Pichlak, University of Wrocław

Members present: Marin Lewiński, Steve Oswald, Sara Greco, Barbara de Cock, Jan Albert van Laar, Fabio Paglieri, Jean Wagemans, Gabrijela Kišiček, Mark Aakhus (via Skype), Paweł Jabłoński & Maciej Pichlak (as organisers of the March 2020 conference in Wrocław).

The chief goal of this meeting was to determine all the details for the three WGs workshops to be held in October 2019, as well as other activities in the Grant Period 2, including the Training School in Zagreb (15-18 January 2020) and the International Conference on Argumentation and Public Policy in Wrocław (4-6 March 2020). Moreover, drafts of scientific reports (main academic deliverables of Grant Period 2), alongside research programmes of Sara Greco, Jan Albert van Laar and Marcin Lewiński, were shared and discussed. Details of the Action’s communication strategy were presented by Jean Wagemans and agreed on.